Open air concert: MUZIKAIM | KAPELA BRODÓW |PL|

Line-up: Witek Broda (violin), Marta Maślanka (dulcimers), Zuzanna Zimończyk (trumpet), Jakub Mielcarek (double bass), Mirek Ładoś (percussion)

Kapela Brodów, one of the best Polish folk groups is the winner of multiple contests (including Folkowy Fonogram Roku – Nowa Tradycja organized by the Polish Radio). The band is often invited by various festivals in Poland and around Europe. They gave concerts in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden.

Depending on the repertoire and circumstances, the band performs in different line-ups. The leader of the group is Witek Broda who plays violin and hurdy-gurdy and for many years has been traveling around Poland in search for forgotten melodies and the last remaining folk musicians. “The band’s repertoire is the result of my wanderings, imagination, and taste. 25 years visiting villages, reading Oskar Kolberg’s works, archives kept by Catholic University in Lublin and the Polish Academy of Sciences works written by authors known and unknown. Playing with 100 years old violinist is a special experience – musically and spiritually. I always knew that a nation has its own, individual note, musical atom, recognizable and incalculable. I found it right at the very beginning, hence Kapela Brodów.” This is what he says about his music.

Founded in 1992, the band’s repertoire includes secular and religious pieces that come from the band’s own resources, collection of Oscar Kolberg, Polish Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Sacral Ethnological Music Chair of the Catholic University in Lublin. Their performances focus on maintaining original manners and, in the case of religious music, the specific context. Musicians play original or reconstructed instruments: hurdy-gurdy, dulcimer, basolia, accordion, violin, clarinet, saxophone, Kalisz bass and, with the full line-up, double bass, and percussion. In 2019, Memo Foundation will release the band’s new album entitled “Polski, Polonez, Chodzony.”

The stage on Grzybowski Sq.

Free admission

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