Singer Jazz Festival – concert: Kostka/Garbowski/Gradziuk Trio |PL| | Christian Dawid |DE|

The outstanding clarinetist Christian Dawid – Resident Guest of this year’s Singer Jazz Festival will perform with Kostka/Garbowski/Gradziuk Trio featuring: Mikołaj Kostka (violin), Maciej Garbowski (double bass), Krzysztof Gradziuk (percussion)

Mikołaj KostkaMaciej Garbowski
Krzysztof GradziukChristian Dawid

The minimalistic texture of the trio creates a space for intimate dialog. Their music searches are not limited to contemporary acoustic jazz because, following modern aesthetic solutions, they touch upon an inspiring mosaic of Scandinavian and Polish music that includes elements of new music which they find to be an unprecedented source of their identity. Everything is bound by the synthetic concept of creating colors and hues of harmonic spaces.

The Summer Stage of the Jewish Theatre, 35 Senatorska St.

Free admission

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ul. Senatorska 35
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