Book promotion: “None” | Mariusz Szczygieł

Meeting with the artist, hosted by Remigiusz Grzela

Excerpts will be read by Maciej Stuhr

Publisher: Coverage Institute Foundation; book nominated to Ryszard Kapuściński Award.

There is nobody. There is nothing. There is no past. There is no memory. There are no cheese forks. There is no love. There is no life. There is no fiction. There is no right color. There is no commission. There is no grave. There is no sister. There are no handles. There are no blue tulips. There is no “is no.”

Mariusz Szczygieł talks to people representing different worlds: Czech poet, Ukrainian soldier, Polish accountant, Albanian painter, Israeli writer and reporter’s own father who travels with him to Prague on his last trip. Hovering, the book recalls Hanna Krall’s advice she once gave the author: “Everything must have a form, a rhythm of its own, Mariusz.  Especially the absence.”

The book features a shocking coverage about Woźnicki sisters, the writers who could not live with the “stigma” of Holocaust Survivors.

Mariusz Szczygieł – reporter, writer. Besides Hanna Krall, he is one of the most often translated, living, Polish reporters; his books have been published in 21 countries. In the 1990s, he was the host of the talk show “Na każdy temat.” The author of a monumental, three-volume anthology of Polish coverage in the 20th century “100/XX;” a weekly column entitled “Szczygieł hunts truth” published by the reporters’ weekly “Duży Format,” part of Gazeta Wyborcza Daily. Winner of the 2009 European Award in Literature.

Austrian Cultural Forum, 7/9 Próżna St.

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