Book promotion: GOŁDA TENCER. JIDISZE MAME | Katarzyna Przybyszewska-Ortonowska

This lecture is part of the series “Jewish Literary Salon” and will be attended by Katarzyna Przybyszewska-Ortonowska, Dawid Szurmiej, Janusz Tencer and Remigiusz Grzela

The story of Gołda Tencer, an actress, singer, director of Ester Rachel and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theatre in Warsaw Yiddish Cultural Center, president of the Shalom Foundation is a ready-made material for a movie.

Born after the war in Łódź, Yiddish speaker, she made her life mission to remember and save Jewish culture and tradition. Her childhood was the Jewish school named after I. L. Peretz, the absent eyes of her father who was taken away from Warsaw Ghetto and survived Auschwitz and Mathaussen, memories of her mother who survived war in Siberian lagers, the smell of Jewish foods: liver, onion or cholent, conversations in mamuleszyn, i.e. her mother’s language – Yiddish, Kaddish and the cries for millions of murdered Jews.

The seemingly peaceful life of Gołda Tencer is suddenly changed by politics and March of 1968. One of the very few, Gołda decides to stay in Poland, she moves to Warsaw and starts working in the Jewish Theatre, where, once the great Jewish actress, Ida Kamińska and the thousands of Polish Jews left, the actors play in front of the empty audience. This is where her acting career starts, she meets the love of her life, the actor and director as well as director fo the Jewish Theatre, Szymon Szurmiej and finally, this is where she starts to fight for memory and respect for Jewish culture.

The fate brings to the life of Gołda Tencer ordinary and unique people, objects and photographs lost and found again, though just like millions of murdered people, they were supposed to disappear from earth, politics, and history of many generations of Jews, blends the past and the now, the art and the reality.

Katarzyna Przybyszewska-Ortonowska, educated as a lawyer, editor in chief of the magazines VIVA!, VIVA! MODA and web portal She has conducted hundreds of interviews and cover stories, including her own series called “Following the stars” in which she focused on well-known celebrities from the world of art and culture and the places that changed them. Together with Monika Kuszyńska, she co-wrote the book “Second Life” and published her own poetry book “A Pass to Eternal Spring.”

Published by Edipresse Książki

The large stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

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