Jewish Open University

Launched by the Shalom Foundation and currently operating as part of the Jewish Theatre, The Jewish Open University of Shalom Foundation is the first and the only interdisciplinary educational program covering culture, output and social activity of Ashkenazi Jews.

The Jewish Open University offers its students an opportunity to learn about the ties between Polish and Jewish culture, shows how the past activity of Warsaw’s Jews translates into the present picture of the city – multicultural European capital city, and inspires to a conscious and creative use of the output of this ethnic group. Classes are run by distinguished scholars and experts in the Jewish field, including: Hanna Kossowska, Professor  Jacek Leociak (IBL Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Warsaw), Dr. Joanna Lisek (University of Wrocław), Dr. Renata Piątkowska (the Museum of the History of Polish Jews), Anda Rottenberg, Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota (Midrasz), Dr. Karolina Szymaniak (Jagiellonian University) and Dr. Jolantę Żyndul (University of Warsaw). The program is addressed at various participants, both the beginners, who wish to learn about Yiddish culture as well as to persons, who are connected with the subject professionally. The open formula of the university enables everyone to participate in the classes, the only condition is that the participant must be over 18 years old. Students pay symbolic semester fee.

This truly exceptional educational value of the Jewish Open University is appreciated not only by the students but also scientific and research circles, including the previous rector of the University of Warsaw, Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow, who took ŻUO under her honorary patronage. Open University’s program was included in a series of general university lectures. Classes take place in the rooms of the Yiddish Culture Center and at the end participants receive certificates issued by the Jewish Open University. Moreover, upon completing a semester and passing the exam, ECTS students receive 5 general lectures ECTS points.

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