Third Age University

Opened on 1 March 2008 and operating ever since that time, Third Age University is a special kind of college developed by the Shalom Foundation and currently operating as part of the Jewish Theatre-Yiddish Culture Center. Founded and run in the spirit of mutual respect, it is an educational and meeting place for almost 200 students over 55 years old.

One of the main goals for the TAU is to improve the quality of life of seniors by providing them with multidirectional development: intellectual, spiritual and psychomotor. With a great respect for diversity, the school presents not only historic roots of Yiddish language but also contemporary social, artistic and research projects.

Wide range of program offer is available for everyone, regardless of their current education and religion. In addition to classes dedicated to culture, tradition and customs of Ashkenazi Jews, the TAU also offers computer classes, art workshops, Jewish dance class, fitness, support groups and lectures dedicated to other fields, such as medicine, psychology and fine arts. Each participant can also explore the depths of Yiddish language. Language classes on three levels of advancement are run by Dr. Jacob Weitzner.

The program aims at enabling each participant to choose the most interesting and suiting subjects. The TAU students can expand their knowledge, develop a hobby and artistic talents, and their individual potential is always taken into account.

Third Age University also organizes exhibitions presenting works of the students, open lectures and meetings with authors with the celebrities of the culture and art world as well as open air art excursions. Members of the TAU FS can participate in celebrating Jewish holidays such as Chanukah and Passover organized for them or join the celebration of Shabbat and Hawdala. The celebrations are accompanied by lecture on the history and customs connected with the Jewish holidays and degustation of holiday snacks.

Interdisciplinary program helps to support comprehensive education of seniors in several aspects. If you would like to join the Jewish Third Age University, please contact our coordinator.

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