T(a)encerówka vol. 2, i.e. a crazy party by Tzadik Cekajot

The second edition of the event during which anything can happen! We will be cooking according to the pre-war Jewish recipes, feasting, fortune telling, singing in Yiddish, and dancing, and the party will end with a unique solo concert by Natan Kryszek


17:00 Jewish vegan cuisine workshops with Michał Lachur

18:00 A corner of calligraphic divinations by Jacek Pacholski

19:30 Joint feast and workshops of Yiddish songs with Teresa Wrońska

Supporting event organized by the Jewish Theater-Yiddish Cultural Center under the project “Teaching Yiddish, Hebrew and Yiddish song workshops”

Co-funded by the Minister of Interior and Administration

20:30 Concert: “Must remain unspoken” | Natan Kryszk solo (saxophones/own production instrument)

Natan Kryszk – saxophonist, painter, and sculptor. Co-founder of the Pokusa trio (Olter/Bryndal/Kryszk), which performed on numerous festivals: Off Festival, Jazz on the Oder, Innocent Sorcerers, Jazz Jantar, and Unsound, as well as numerous club scenes. Involved in the creation of Warsaw’s improv scene, including in Ray Dickaty’s Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra. As sculptor, cooperates with the Nowolipie Group, Paweł Althamer, Józek Gałązka, and Ada Rączka. Author of music for theatrical plays and dance shows of Weronika Pelczyńska, Patrycja Kowańska, Justyna Sobczyk, Teatr 21, Kuba Kowalski, Daria Kopec, and Marta Ziółek.

This concert will also be broadcast online – for details, please visit: www.festiwalsingera.pl


Yiddish Cultural Center, 15 Andersa St.

Free admission to all events under T(a)ncerówka

00-099 Warszawa
ul. Senatorska 35
+48 22 620 30 36
+48 22 620 30 37
+48 22 620 30 38
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