PAUL CELAN, “BY CHANGING KEYS” – literary and music concert – read by: ROBERT WIĘCKIEWICZ, music: MIKOŁAJ TRZASKA

Scripts: Paul Celan, translation: letters – Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, poems – Ryszard Krynicki, music by: Mikołaj Trzaska

Robert Więckiewicz

Mikołaj Trzaska

Robert Więckiewicz and Mikołaj Trzaska are two artistic personalities who don’t require an introduction. They met on stage a year ago, during the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Paul Celan’s birth at the Institute of Urban Culture in Gdańsk, which was initiated by Miłosława Borzyszkowska Szewczyk from the University of Gdańsk. Celan’s poetry inspired both artists to cooperate, and as a result, an intimate verbal-musical spectacle was created, excerpts from Celan’s poetry, letters, and essays were read by Więckiewicz with a musical interpretation of Trzaska. It is an extremely intimate project, presenting the little-known works of an outstanding poet, in a masterly setting.

The title of the concert refers to the book “Changing keys”. Literature and experience. On the 100th anniversary of Paul Celan’s birth”. The publication contains six essays by practitioners and researchers of literature from Germany, Poland and Ukraine – Dietmar Albrecht, Jurij Andruchowycz, Miłosława Borzyszkowska Szewczyk, Monika Gromala, Paweł Piszczatowski and Marek Wilczyński. It shows various paths, views, and sources of fascination with the poetry written by the poet from Chernivtsi in Bukovina, the European borderland. Paul Celan (1920−1970), a Jew rooted in the German language, is recognized by many primarily as the author of “Death Fugue”, which encrypts the trauma of the Holocaust in the language of poetry. Perceived as one of the most important figures of post-war world lyric poetry, he personifies the multicultural weave and transnational character of post-war German poetry in a model-like manner. Starting with the “fouging” of the reception, the authors went a step further: They show Celan’s coding of space and its interpretations, as well as his friendship, of the impossible kind, with Günter Grass.

The Nożyk Synagogue 6 Twarda St.

Tickets: 50 PLN, purchases available at:,, in the Audience Office, phone no. +48 22 526 20 34; +48 22 850 64 50 or 51 and in the Jewish Theatre box offices at 35 Senatorska St., phone: +48 22 850 64 35 or in the Club of the Command of Garrison in Warsaw, 141a Niepodległości Ave., phone no.: +48 22 850 56 56 (for more details, please visit:; seats are not numbered, men are obliged to wear headgears

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