Open day of the Third Age University of the Jewish Theatre – Yiddish Cultural Center

The Third Age University is a unique place on a global scale. It has 14 years of successes in various artistic areas – the theatrical ensemble, Israeli dance group, and “Pantomimika” theatrical group are proud winners of numerous awards received during festivals for seniors. In addition to art classes, the Third Age University also offers many interesting workshops and lectures on the history and culture of Polish Jews. Everyone is welcomed to check out the offer during the open day, which will also be an opportunity to see the special program prepared specially on this occasion.


11:00-11:30 Screening of the film presenting the Third Age University activities on-line

11:30-12:30 Pantomime workshops | Ryszard Kluge

12:30-13:30 Lecture: “Jewish fantastic menagerie” | Monika Krajewska

13:40-14:40 Jewish cut-out workshops | Monika Krajewska

14:30-15:30 Israeli dance workshops | Monika Leszczyńska

15:30-16:30 Art classes – collage | Anna Maria Czubaczyńska

Yiddish Cultural Center, 15 Andersa St.

Registration (until 21 August) is required for all Third Age University open day events, please call +48 22 620 47 33, e-mail: utw@jidysz.org.pl

00-099 Warszawa
ul. Senatorska 35
+48 22 620 30 36
+48 22 620 30 37
+48 22 620 30 38
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