Move On Together Israeli Way – israeli movement techniques workshops: The Ilan Lev Method – run by: Tomasz Pomersbach |PL|, Ady Elzam |IL|, Manou Koreman |NL|

Ilan Lev Method is a revolutionary form of hands-on bodywork that addresses body aches, pains, and movement imbalances caused by physical or emotional strain. The method works towards improving human capabilities and removing functional difficulties. The treatment resolves body-circulation issues, relieves pain and skeletal and joint problems.

Tomasz Pomersbach Tomasz is a dancer, mover, teacher and Ilan Lev Method (ILM) great enthusiast. The first steps of his dancing career were in Wrocław, his home city. He had studied at London Contemporary Dance School and professionally performed in Polish Dance Theatre since 2010. Worked with choeographers like Andrzej Adamczak, Ohad Naharin, Jo Strømgren, Ewa & Paulina Wycichowska. Since 2014 has been collaborating with Pink Mama Theatre in Bern. For the past few years, his dance practice has evolved from performing art which is very strict and limiting for dancers, into dialogue with himself and other people. There is more space, joyfulness, and self-growth in it. In 2017 he met ILM and since 2019 he has been working as a certified practitioner in Wrocław, Kraków and Bern.
Ady Elzam Ady is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Having trained extensively in contemporary dance, improvisation, instant composition, and contact improvisation, he’s curious about the body’s ability to adapt, learn, heal, change, become aware, and connect with others. Ady is an Ilan Lev Method practitioner since 2011. He was Ilan’s personal assistant in 2012 and accompanied Ilan’s courses until 2014 as an English translator and assistant. Ady is based in Brussels, teaching movement exploration, improvisation, and Ilan Lev  movement classes. He has a private practice, where he gives ILM treatments.
Manou Koreman Manou Koreman is a Brussels-based performer with a love for work that crosses disciplines. With curiosity and playfulness, she is drawn to durational and minimalist performance approaches, and continually searches to push the boundaries of her endurance. The Ilan Lev Method helps her discover new possibilities, train more smartly, and help others move with more fun and ease. She became certified in 2022 in Kików, Poland.

The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Okólnik 2 St., rhythmics room

Duration: about 2 hours

Charge admission –

Note: We also invite people over 60 years of age

Supporting event organized by Move On Together Israeli Way in cooperation with Nevatim – Jewish Agency in Berlin and the Hillel Polska Foundation

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