Jewish Literary Salon: promotion of the book “Day one” by Kristof Zorde

Hosted by: Remigiusz Grzela

“Day One” is a collection of short stories written on the basis of the author’s experiences in Israel in the early 1970s.

A March emigrant who came back to Poland as early as 1989, MBA graduate and doctor of philosophy, author of, among others, “Metaphysical Motives in Economy” – since the very beginning of his emigration to Denmark, Krostof Zorde has been involved in capital markets. As the partner in Sakt Annae Bank, he led about 150 issues, including the World Bank, Deutsche Bank, IBM, British Petroleum, Mac Donald’s and Coca-Cola. In Poland, as the advisor to the Minister of Privatization, he took part in the first Polish privatizations, both individual and sector-wide. He also took part in developing institutions and processes of the Polish capital market. He floated on the stock exchange many well-known Polish companies: Budimex, Indykpol, Śląska Fabryka Kabli or Mostostal. He currently runs the BookBook bookstores.

(“Day one” by Kristof Zorde was published by Wydawnictwo Czuły Barbarzyńca Press)

Austrian Cultural Forum, 7/9 Próżna St.

Free admission, a a limited number of seats; seats are not numbered

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