Singer’s Warsaw Festival in Biłgoraj

“Hosts and Guests” Concert | Folk Group “Pokolenia” and the guests: Song and Dance Ensemble “Roumanian round dance of floers” [RO], Cultural Association “Branislav Nušić” [HR]

The Folk Group “Pokolenia” comprises of the dance-loving residents of Biłgoraj and neighboring areas who, upon their graduation, decided to live and work in Biłgoraj. The group has been operating at the Biłgoraj Culture Center since October 2012. Its repertoire includes various types of regional folk dances, such as biłgorajskie, lasowiackie, Ukrainian, rzeszowskie, Gypsy as well as Ukrainian and the “Jewish Wedding.” They have performed in Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. The group is managed by Anna Iskra, an experienced choreographer, and instructor, Polish diaspora folk dance ensembles consultant.

The summer stage in Biłgoraj Culture Center, 16 Kościuszki St.

Open air event, free admission

Supporting event – a series of events organized in cooperation with the City Hall of Biłgoraj and Biłgoraj Cultural Center

00-099 Warszawa
ul. Senatorska 35
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