Accompaniment: Adi Bar |DE| (piano)

Hosted by: Dawid Szurmiej

Produced by: Yosi Notkowitz |IL| 

Cantor Yoni Rose was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He grew up surrounded by music. Yoni received a full scholarship to study voice at the University of Maryland, and received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in that subject. Yoni also works and performs with world-renowned conductor Elli Jaffe of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue, who continues to serve as a musical mentor throughout Yoni’s career.

Yoni has had great success on many stages. He has won awards in the Metropolitan Opera vocal competition, as well as the Frank Liszt Garrison Competition. His beautiful, dramatic sound and large range allow him to present unique interpretations of many types of music. His lyric tenor voice can move easily through the most difficult coloratura while still maintaining a heroic timbre, yet is flexible enough to perform popular music as well.

oni is in demand on many stages. He performs regularly as a concert artist in cities around the world, including Frankfurt, Hannover, Augsburg, Prague, Budapest, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva, Baltimore, Santa Fe, and many others.  He appears with many orchestras as a featured soloist. He also presents fully realized programs with piano, illustrating the concert’s theme with various types of music. In concert, Yoni performs a variety of musical styles: Chazanus, Chasidish, Yiddish, Jewish popular music, Opera, and classical songs.

Yoni also appears as a guest Chazan at Synagogues throughout the world. Yoni serves as the Chazan of the Frankfurt Jewish Community. In that capacity, he leads weekly services, life-cycle events such as Chuppot, Bar Mitzvas, and funerals, and teaches Bar Mitzva lessons.

Cantor Yaakov Lemmer, as an internationally renowned concert artist, Yaakov is in constant demand on the concert stage, as well as synagogues, thrilling audiences throughout the world. He has appeared at the Tel Aviv Culture Hall with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and has been featured throughout the United States, Canada, England, and at various European Culture Festivals. In addition, he tours extensively with grammy award winning, Jazz/Klez legend, Frank London and receives rave reviews of his unique interpretations of traditional liturgical music. He has also officiates at some of the world’s most prominent pulpits throughout the world.

His repertoire spans many genres and languages, including traditional Hebrew liturgy, Yiddish folk, Opera, Broadway, Israeli, and more. In additional to his Cantorial vocation, Yaakov is a Licensed Special Education Therapist, working with special needs children in Brooklyn, NY.

He currently serves as Cantor of Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York City.

Cantor Nachman Turgeman is 26 year old,is known for his great tenor voice. graduated at the Petah Tikva Cantorial Academy. He has performed alongside the world’s greatest cantors and stood under the baton of Maestro Eli Jaffe, Rafi Biton and more. He performed  frequently over the world in Krakow , Monaco ,Germany, Holland and the USA. Sings and praying in  English, Hebrew, French and Yiddish and currently serves as Cantor at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue (TAIS – Temple Beth El). Nachman is living now at the holy Israeli Kabbala city Zefat.

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The Nożyk Synagogue 6 Twarda St.

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