Line-up: Yasmin Levy (vocal), Yechiel Hasson |IL| (guitar), Gang Tango featuring: Grzegorz Lalek (violin), Piotr Kopietz (bandoneon), Mirosław Feldgebel (piano), Sebastian Wypych (double bass, artistic director) and Anna Wandtke (violin), Jeno Lisztes |HU| (dulcimer), Arad Emamgholi |IR| (daf), Anna Iberszer and Piotr Woźniak (tango)

The program of the concert includes the most famous Polish tangos and tangos of composers of Jewish origin: Szpilman, Petersburski, as well as Piazzolla, Gardel and others, and Sephardic songs.

All the pieces will be presented in new, amazingly vivid interpretations of the Israeli singer Yasmin Levy. 

The artists: Yasmin Levy (vocals), Yechiel Hasson |IL| (guitar), Gang Tango band, with: Grzegorz Lalek (violin), Piotr Kopietz (bandoneon), Mirosław Feldgebel (piano), Sebastian Wypych (double bass, art direction) and Anna Wandtke (violin), Jeno Lisztes |HU| (cimbalom), Arad Emamgholi |IR| (daf), Anna Iberszer and Piotr Woźniak (tango).

The huge emotional load, original harmony, and rhythm of tango, as well as its sophistication, contribute to its amazing popularity, though the performers are faced with high expectations… Fortunately, all of them are acclaimed virtuosos and tango connoisseurs, performing globally.

Yasmin Levy, an artist born in Jerusalem, from her youngest years had contact with the Ladino culture and singing – her father was a major personality among researchers and protectors of Jewish-Spanish culture, whose traditions date back to fifteen-century Spain. In her deep, poignant singing style, Yasmin both preserves and brings back to life the most beautiful songs of the Jewish-Spanish Ladino heritage, combining them with the Andalusian flamenco. In this music, we find its characteristic values – subtlety and charm coupled with seismic passion, excitement, and emotionality.  From the beginning of her career, Yasmin has been giving concerts around the world, with great success, and so far has released six albums. One of the few artists to have won three awards in the prestigious BBC World Music Awards competition. Performed at many international festivals and cultural events, including WOMAD in Singapore, Forum Barcelona, BBC’s New Year’s Concert in London, and one of the world’s most famous concert halls, Carnegie Hall in New York.

Gang Tango is one of the few tango bands with a style related to Argentina’s ‘Orquesta Tipica’ of the past and directly inspired by Quinteto Nuevo – the original band of Astor Piazzolla; also, their style is connected to that of the tango bands of pre-war Warsaw. The band’s repertoire, comprising a compilation of Polish compositions and world tangos, is inspired by the cradle and model of the style, that is, Argentine tango, as well as connecting and nurturing the huge body of tangos by Polish composers of Jewish origin from the period between World War 1 and World War 2.   These were composed by authors of both light and classical music. It is said that around 3000 Polish tangos come from that period.

The National Opera House, 1 Teatralny Sq., Moniuszko’s Hall

Tickets – zone 1: 150 PLN, zone 2: 100 PLN, zone 3: 80 PLN, zone 4: 60 PLN, zone 5: 50 PLN, zone 6: 30 PLN, purchases available at:,, in the Audience Office, phone no. +48 22 526 20 34; +48 22 850 64 50 or 51 and in the Jewish Theater box offices at 35 Senatorska St., phone: +48 22 850 64 35 or in the Club of the Command of Garrison in Warsaw, 141a Niepodległości Ave., phone no.: +48 22 850 56 56 and in the box offices of the National Opera House and on the website

Organized in cooperation with the National Opera House

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