Singer’s Warsaw Festival is one of the most important artistic events in Poland showing Jewish culture in a broad context of Polish and global culture. It is the feast of music, theatre, literature and visual arts, which, thanks to Gołda Tencer and the Shalom Foundation, has been taking place every year since 2004. The festival aims at promoting high end Jewish culture, both in traditional sense and modern version. Therefore, the festival organizers invite both experienced and young artists fascinated with the wealth of Jewish culture who process it into modern projects. Warsaw festival is attended by the most prominent representatives of the Jewish culture from various parts of the world: Israel, USA, Sweden, Holland, France, Belgium, Canada, Denmark and Hungary. The Festival brings up the memory of the world that is gone. On Grzybowski Square and Próżna Street one can hear the chatter, klezmer music played to invite people to dance and the air is filled with the scent of nutmeg, cloves and honey. Yiddish culture returns in the pre-war movies and contemporary shows, in the Jewish cut-out, ceramics and Hebrew calligraphy workshops. One can sense the air of pre-war Warsaw: it seems like an eternal festival (I. B. Singer “My Father’s Office”), and many people would like to keep this exceptional mood for longer.

In addition to recalling the memory of the forgone world, Jewish culture and tradition that was developing for centuries in Poland, in addition to the presentation of the modern artistic achievements, the festival is an important source of inspiration for the artists, it supports the development of new, contemporary art. As a result, new pieces, stage adaptations and small theater forms as well as music projects are born here. Guests take part in scientific sessions, various lectures and meetings with the authors.

Despite the tragic experience of the Holocaust, the festival is a great opportunity to present that Jewish culture continues to develop and the artists who represent it have ever fresher, interesting proposals for the wide range of audiences. With the diverse forms of expression demonstrated by Polish and foreign artists, Warsaw is able to yet again welcome the lost world of Polish Jews. Singer’s Warsaw Festival is the best proof that Jewish culture is still alive, abundant and vibrating.

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