“CWISZN – between the Jewish and Polish culture” – Open Day at the Yiddish Cultural Center



11:00-12:00 “Not only folk” – Yiddish songs workshops, hosted by: Teresa Wrońska

A musical journey through the history of the Yiddish culture with Teresa Wrońska!

12:30-14:30 Eco-art workshops for children (8-12 years old), hosted by: Dominika Ludwig

Lion, pigeon, deer – animalistic motives in the Jewish art – atelier of paper mâché masks!

12:30-13:30Sholem-Aleichem! Aleichem-Sholem!” – the demonstrative lesson of Yiddish, hosted by: Karolina Szymaniak

14:00-15:00 “Bruchim Ha-Baim” – first steps into Hebrew, hosted by: Regina Gromacka

15:00-17:00 “Arbes un bobes – peas and beans. Shop signs in Yiddish” – calligraphy workshops, hosted by: Aleksandra Ćwikowska (Nibme)

16:00-18:00 Walk: “Stories of Muranów residents” | Franciszek Bojańczyk

Meeting point: near Yiddish Culture Center, 15 Andersa St.

17:00-19:00 “Golem vs smartphone – tradition digitally” art workshops of short film forms (for teenagers 12-16 years old), hosted by: Dominika Ludwig


Jewish Open University – interdisciplinary classes for everyone interested in the Jewish culture. New semester subject: Jewish home. Registration is open! The form can be found at: www.jidyszland.pl/pl/zuo/. #Zostańwdomużydowskim #stayatJewishhome

Yiddish Cultural Center, 15 Andersa St.

Registration (until 20 August) is required for all Open Day events organized by the Yiddish Cultural Center, please write to: ckj@jidysz.org.pl or call +48 22 409 91 00

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