Singer’s Warsaw Festival in Radzymin

Concert: “The Colors of Jewish Music” – Hebrew, Sephardic, and Yiddish songs | Anna Riveiro, Michał Pindakiewicz

Line-up: Anna Riveiro (vocal, guitar, selection and translation of the pieces, concert’s script), Michał Pindakiewicz (guitar, arrangement)

It is a remarkable program presenting the centuries-old Jewish musical tradition. From old Hebrew songs, mainly religious, through secular Sephardic music, to the traditional Yiddish repertoire. It is a musical tale of Jewish life, the birthplace notwithstanding. We will hear songs that accompanied people in different situations, on normal days and holidays: prayers, love songs, wedding songs, and lullabies. All are an expression of the Jewish soul…

Anna Riveiro, charismatic vocalist, cantor soloist, voice coach, guitarist, and music producer, who sings in many languages, performing music from different epochs, traditions, and countries.  She regularly performs in Poland and other parts of the world, and cooperates with outstanding soloists and bands. Riveiro performed in Israel, Mexico, Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, and other countries. Her interpretations of Sephardic songs are considered as model in the UNESCO program concerning languages threatened by extinction.

Michał Pindakiewicz – classical guitar virtuoso, guitarist with comprehensive musical interests, arranger, and composer. Graduate of Warsaw’s University of Music and winner of international guitar competitions. Performed on multiple stages in Poland, Czechia, Germany, Spain, and Mexico. Appears with various bands and musicians, classical, jazz, and folk.

The Municipal F. Chopin Hall in Radzymin 15 Konstytucji 3 Maja St.

Free admission

Organized in cooperation with the Town and Municipality Hall in Radzymin and the Public Library of the Town and Municipality of Radzymin

00-099 Warszawa
ul. Senatorska 35
+48 22 620 30 36
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