Concert: “SEFARAD AL TANGO” | ANNA RIVEIRO with her band: Gumiński/Kopietz/Pindakiewicz |PL|

Line-up: Anna Riveiro (vocal, translation, concept and concert’s scenario), Wojciech Gumiński (double bass), Piotr Kopietz (bandoneon), Michał Pindakiewicz (guitar, arrangements)

In the program “Sefarad al tango”, new project from Anna Riveiro and her musicians, Sephardic songs have gained a new musical dimension inspired by Argentine tango. Sephardic music is the music of the Jews who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, with Sefarad being the Hebrew for Spain.  The program also includes songs inspired by Latin American culture, which the band arranged in the rhythms of Argentine tango and milonga. In this exceptional music show that blazes with rhythms and colors, the vocal artistry and sensual voice of the soloist (all the songs are performed in Ladino, original language of Sephardic Jews) and the expressive performance of the musicians engage the listener in an emotional dialog… 

Songs for the program were selected by Anna Riveiro, charismatic vocalist, cantor soloist, voice coach, guitarist, and music producer, who sings in many languages, performing music from different epochs, traditions, and countries.  She regularly performs in Poland and other parts of the world, and cooperates with outstanding soloists and bands. Riveiro performed in Israel, Mexico, Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, and other countries. Her interpretations of Sephardic songs are considered as model in the UNESCO program concerning languages threatened by extinction.

The artist will be joined by bassist Wojciech Gumiński, multinstrumentalist, arranger, and composer Piotr Kopietz, one of Poland’s few musicians who play the Argentinian bandoneon and one of few who play the French accordina, and classical guitar virtuoso Michał Pindakiewicz.   

The Summer Stage of the Jewish Theater, 35 Senatorska St.

Tickets: 40 PLN, purchases available at:,, in the Audience Office, phone no. +48 22 526 20 34; +48 22 850 64 50 or 51 and in the Jewish Theater box offices at 35 Senatorska St., phone: +48 22 850 64 35 or in the Club of the Command of Garrison in Warsaw, 141a Niepodległości Ave., phone no.: 22 850 56 56; seats are not numbered

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