Concert given by KAROLINA LIZER under the series “Yiddish on the grass”: “MESHUGE”

Line-up: Karolina Lizer (vocal) and Rafał Grząka (accordion), Przemysław Skałuba (clarinet, duduk, saxophones)

Directed by: Andrzej Głowacki

The program presented by Karolina Lizer, the finalists of the Debuts of the 57th Festival in Opole is a collection of the most beautiful Jewish pieces translated into Polish by the excellent poets, including Jacek Cygan, Agnieszka Osiecka, Roman Kołakowski, and arranged into a beautiful story following the memories of a young girl. All directed by the brilliant specialist in this field, Andrzej Głowacki.

Karolina Lizer is also a soloist in the program “Muzyka zespołu ABBA orkiestrowo”, a member of the Zieliński Projekt ensemble and the “PROMNI” Folk Art Group, where she performs as the soloist in the folk repertoire. She has won many national music awards, including 1st place at the National Competition for Jewish Songs and the Songs of Poles of Jewish Origin. She writes, translates, and composes her own songs.

The Summer Stage of the Jewish Theatre, 35 Senatorska St.

Tickets: 40 PLN, purchases available at:,, in the Audience Office, phone no. +48 22 526 20 34; +48 22 850 64 50 or 51 and in the Jewish Theatre box offices at 35 Senatorska St., phone: +48 22 850 64 35 or in the Club of the Command of Garrison in Warsaw, 141a Niepodległości Ave., phone no.: +48 22 850 56 56 (for more details, please visit; seats are not numbered


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