City walk: “Jewish Falenica” – hosted by: Piotr Hummel

Start: Falenica Train Station (SKM), by Kinokawiarna Stacja Falenica

On the eve of World War 2, two-thirds of Falenica’s population was Jewish. Surrounded by pine forests, neighbored with Świdermajer villas, stood the Chasidic prayer houses, religious schools, and the famous sanatorium of Doctor Medem, run by the activists of the Bund workers’ party.  During the walk, we will travel in time to the former summer resort, trying, as much as possible, to recreate the village’s life. We will be aided by the memories of Falenica residents, photos, as well as descriptions from the unfailing Isaac Bashevis Singer. We will visit the Falenica synagogue and old people’s home which survived the storms of the war. Looking for the borders of the former ghetto, which once housed thousands of residents of Falenica and its neighboring villages, we will talk about the most tragic chapter of the history of this shtetel close to Warsaw.   

Piotr Hummel, historian, city guide, promoter of history. Warsaw is the subject of his research as part of his doctoral studies at the University of Warsaw.  Fascinated with the social and urban planning transformations of the city in the nineteenth century, in particular, neighborly relations of Warsaw’s residents. Collaborates with numerous institutions and foundations. The inspiration behind and co-founder of the WAWstep project ( and Muzeum Kamienicy.

Free entry upon confirmation between 8 and 24 August in the Festival Office at 35 Senatorska St., phone: +48 660 004 793, +48 694 686 339; a limited number of seats

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