Centrum Kultury Jidysz was launched upon Shalom Foundation’s initiative and today it functions as the Jewish Theatre – Yiddish Culture Center. The Center has been organizing Yiddish courses, translation and Jewish song workshops since 2000 and since 2002 it has been offering international summer Yiddish language and culture seminars.  

The Center focuses on the culture and language of the Ashkenazi Jews. The variety of activities undertaken by the Center proves that Yiddish culture is not just nostalgic pictures of shtetls – it is a living heritage that needs to be taken and faced in various social and artistic projects as well as scientific initiatives.

Yiddish Culture Center is a place open for everyone, regardless of their age, education, religion or ethnic background. Currently, it implements its mission by organizing Yiddish classes, translation workshops, workshops dedicated to reading manuscripts, Yiddish songs, workshops for children, Film Club, series of meetings dedicated to art and literature, lectures by the Jewish Open University, Third Age University, International Yiddish Language and Culture Summer Seminar. In other words, Yiddish Culture Center is a place, where the tradition comes across the contemporary world, where the Jewish culture has a lively dialog with the Polish culture. The Center is open to cooperation and is willing to undertake new initiatives. If you are interested, please contact us.

Yiddish courses in Warsaw and Łódź and the international summer Yiddish language and culture seminars are co-financed by the Minister of the Interior and Administration.

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ul. Senatorska 35
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