Walk: Following the traces of Jewish writers | Jan Jagielski

This walk will start at the courtyard of the All Saints Church, about which Sholem Asch wrote one of his short stories. This is where, during ghetto tome, Professor L. Hirszfeld and the Zamenhof family lived. We will mention Ester Rachel and Ida Kamińskie J Jewish Theatre and leaving the square, we will see the houses of Prywes, Wolanowski and Nożyk families. We will pass by the Nożyk Synagogue and go to Grzybowska Street, there where before and during the war the board of the Jewish Commune was located. This is where I.L. Peretz, who lived nearby, worked, and this is where Adam Czerniaków committed suicide. At the end of the walk, we will enter the area of a little square that replaced Krochmalna Street, where Shalom Asch lived.

Jan Jagielski – co-founder and chairman of the board of Capital City Committee Protecting Jewish Commentaries and Culture Monuments. Since 1991, he has been working at the Jewish History Institute, where he created a department documenting material trails of Jewish presence in Poland, which he currently heads.

Meeting point:  All Saints Church entrance, 3/5 Grzybowski Sq.

Free admission

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