PERFORMANCE: REJWACH, directed by Wojciech Kościelniak | The Jewish Theatre in Warsaw

Playwright: Mikołaj Grynberg, written and directed by: Andrzej Krakowski, costumes and stage designed by: Marta Grudzińska, music: KROKE, choreography: Mikołaj Mikołajczyk, lights and video: Andrzej Wolf, assistant director and producer: Monika Soszka, stage management: Beata Szaradowska

Cast: Author – Jerzy Walczak, Violinist– Henryk Rajfer, Clarinetist – Daniel “Czacza” Antoniewicz, Łódź citizen– Marek Węglarski, Devotee– Barbara Szeliga, Teacher– Joanna Przybyłowska, Klementyna – Ernestyna Winnicka, Geneologist – Izabella Rzeszowska, Entrepreneur – Piotr Sierecki, Crippled – Piotr Chomik, Viewer – Marcin Błaszak, Kind – Maciej Winkler

“Rejwach” is a stage interpretation of one of the most famous books of 2018. It features moving stories told by Jews and Poles representing different generations. Their relations, personal confessions, sometimes frivolous humor come together as a multi-voiced narration. The director has decided to make the main protagonist of “Rejwach” the author, Mikołaj Grynberg, who recreates and recalls the characters from his book. The writer who struggles with the matter of the surrounding world and does not agree to the reality he was made to face seems to be the voice of people who appear on stage. Tired of carrying their secrets alone, the interlocutors loom in the conventional cafes, train station, the corners of platforms and streets.

The authors of the show include Andrzej Krakowski, the New York-based director, producer and writer, author of the book “Pollywood. How We Created Hollywood” and the world-famous band KROKE. The video and lights were directed by the famous Polish cinematographer, Andrzej Wolf who made the documentary “The Story of Irena Sendler.” The show features a fragment of the poem by Martin Niemöller “Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— because I was not a Jew.

Duration: 90 minutes, no intermission

The Small Stage of the Jewish Theatre, 35 Senatorska St.

Ticketed event: 50 PLN | 40 PLN. Tickets available at:,, www.ewejsció,, in the Audience Office, phone: +48 22 526 20 34; +48 22 850 64 50 or 51 and in the Jewish Theatre box offices: at 35 Senatorska St., phone: +48 22 850 64 35 or in the Club of the Command of Garrison in Warsaw, 141a Niepodległości Ave., tel.: +48 22 850 56 56 (for details, please refer to:

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