PERFORMANCE: CARTOGRAPHER, directed by Juan Mayorga | cast: Blanca Portill Martínez de Velasco, José Luis García-Pérez |ES|

Playwright, script written and directed by: Juan Mayorga, assistant director: Carlos Martínez-Abarca, stage and costumes designed by: Alejandro Andújar, lights: Juan Gómez-Cornejo, music and sound: Mariano García, graphic design: Javier Portillo, cinematography: Ceferino López y marcosGpunto, technical director: Amalia Portes, executive producer: Chusa Martin, executive producer: Susana Rubio, sound technician: César Cortés, props: Miguel Angel Infante

Line-up: Blanca Portillo Martínez de Velasco, José Luis García-Pérez

This show will be performed in Spanish with translation into Polish  by Marta Jordan

The Large Stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

Tickets will be available soon

Organized in cooperation with Cervantes Institute in Warsaw

The performance was produced by Avance Producciones Teatrales SL, Entrecajas Producciones Teatrales SL, García-Pérez Producciones SL


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ul. Senatorska 35
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