Exhibition opening: Le dor va dor. From Generation to Generation / New Hagada Arika Brauera |AT|

The opening will include a concert by Jasmin Meiri and Leon Tomica

Le dor va dor, that is from generation to generation, is a very important Jewish rule. It means passing knowledge from one generation to another and remembering important events in Jewish history. It is especially rooted in the Spring holiday Pesach during which the Jews around the world remember and tell the story of the liberation and exodus from Egypt. This story is presented by hagada, an illustrated story for Pesach. The Austrian artist, Arik Brauer, “a versatile genius,” painter, graphic artist, potter, musician, vocalist, dancer, composer, stage designer and so on, recreated this unique work and created a new version of hagada, enclosed in the form of twenty four original images (tempera on cardboard), which offers a new view on the history of the exodus.

Austrian Cultural Forum, 7/9 Próżna St.

Free admission, exhibition open from 26 August until 13 September

Organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum

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