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Program of The 19th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture


How to spend a summer with Yiddish? Become a participant in a unique course in the Yiddishland center and spend #strawberryseason with us! This year’s edition will be devoted to local issues, ecology, Polish-Jewish sightseeing, and … cousine! We have prepared language courses for you, during which you will get acquainted with rarely discussed documents, as well as a number of lectures and specialist workshops. Only with us you will learn how Shakespeare’s “Storm” sounds in Yiddish! You can’t miss it!

Important! Our online Seminar is a project where everyone is equal! Join us!

The Shalom Foundation and the Center for Yiddish Culture invite all Yiddish lovers to a three-week virtual meeting with Yiddish language and with Jewish history, literature, culture and art, which will take place both in class and online on June 28 – July 16, 2021.

The many years of tradition and experience of the Warsaw seminar have been enriched this year with an online formula, so that despite unfavorable conditions, everyone can immerse themselves in the Yiddish world through intensive language courses, as well as tutorials, lectures and workshops. From the privacy of your own home, but surrounded by participants from all over the world and under the watchful eye of the best specialists, we will once again delve into the extraordinary world of history and tradition related to the language and culture of Ashkenazi Jews.

Contact us: zumerkurs@shalom.org.pl 

Project coordinators: Natalia Chmielarz & Michalina Jadczak



• Yiddish classes on 4 levels:

– Yiddish1 (I), teachers: Karolina Szymaniak, Anna Szyba (60h; in class or online): 3.30pm-7.30pm (Warsaw time) with a break

– Yiddish2 (II), teachers: Magdalena Kozłowska, Reyze Turner (60h; in class or online): 3.30pm-7.30pm (Warsaw time) with a break

– Yiddish3 (III), teachers: Natalia Krynicka, Reyze Turner (60h; online): 3.30pm-7.30pm (Warsaw time) with a break

– Yiddish4 (IV), teachers: Natalia Krynicka, Sharon Bar Kochva (60h; online): 3.30pm-7.30pm (Warsaw time) with a break


-Yiddish1 (I), teachers: Agata Reibach, Janina Wurbs: 9am-12.30pm (Warsaw time) with a break

-Yiddish2 (II), teachers: Agata Reibach, Janina Wurbs: 9am-12.30pm (Warsaw time) with a break


• Conversation and language tutorials (3h)

July 2, 2pm-3.15pm (Warsaw time), conversation: Anna Szyba and Karolina Szymaniak

July 9, 2pm-3.15pm (Warsaw time), conversation: Anna Szyba and Karolina Szymaniak


• Workshops

June 29, July 6 and 13, 1pm-2:30pm (Warsaw time) Creative Yiddish Writing Workshop, Ethel Niborski #onZoom 

June 29, July 6 and 13, 1pm-2pm (Warsaw time) Old Yiddish Literature Workshop, Oren Cohen Roman #onZoom 

June 30, July 7 and 14, 1pm-2.30pm (Warsaw time) Manuscript Reading Workshop, Anna Szyba [details]#onZoom

July 1, 8 and 15, 1pm-2pm (Warsaw time) Yiddish far historiker workshop, Magdalena Kozłowska #onZoom 

July 3, 10am (Warsaw time) cooking workshop: “Fania Lewando’s vegetarian cuisine: Prewar Jewish desserts – pontshkes, peysekhdiker tort, a kukhn mit truskafkes”, Michał Lachur [details]#onZoom & #inPerson 

July 10, 10am (Warsaw time) cooking workshop: “Yidishe ugerkes – a case study on cucumbers in Eastern European Jewish Cuisine”, Michał Lachur [details] #onZoom & #inPerson


• Lectures

July 1, 8pm (Warsaw time) “From shtetl into wilderness: exploring nature in Yiddish culture”, Dr Marek Tuszewicki [details] #onZoom

July 5, 8pm (Warsaw time) “Lithuanian Landscapes in Yiddish Poetry”, Prof. Mikhail Krutikov [details]#onZoom 

July 7, 8pm (Warsaw time) “Ecocritical perspectives on Jewish food and foodways”, Paulina Kakareko-Iwanow [details] #onZoom & #inPerson 

July 12, 8pm (Warsaw time) “Grochów Kibbutz and its commemoration – History of the Jewish farm in Grochów (1919 – 1941)”, Maria Cieśla #onZoom & #inPerson 

July 15, 8pm (Warsaw time) “The only light in my then dark life was school. The schools of TSISHO 1921-1939” (in Yiddish), Anna Szyba [details] #onZoom & #inPerson


The program may be slightly changed!

More details: Yiddish Seminar – Jidyszland




12 May 2021
16 July 2021
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ul. Senatorska 35
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