Line-up: Melissa Coleman (cello), Christian Bakanic (accordion), Andrej Prozorov (saxophone), Roman Britschgi (double bass)

Concert program: The songs featured on the current Notions’ album (Kacn-Szprung, Blazing, Hayri Bay, Mensur, Sirto), selected Jewish songs (Fun Der Chupe, Sherele, Baym Rebns Sude), Daniel Zamir (Haar Hamemuneh, No. 15) and John Zorn’s (Kiev 3) compositions.

Born in central Switzerland, Vienna-based sculptor, composer, and bass guitarist created wonderful work – a refreshing set of compositions rooted in the Jewish and Turkish music, performed by the chamber quartet. Roman Britschga’s quartet exceeds the limits set by ensembles such as Samech, Kolsimcha or John Zorn’s string trio and their Masada series, creatively combining many musical traditions in fresh, charming pieces.

“Notions” (Lotus Records/Harmonia Mundi), the first album released by the quartet features an expressive series of songs with lyrics selected from the 2,000 pages long autobiographical notes of Ernst F. Brod, who as a Jew and a socialist had to flee Austria in 1938. He first emigrated to Turkey and in 1947, to the USA. His mother and brother remained in Austria: they were deprived of their property, deported to the concentration camp and then killed. “Notions” tells about a man who, against all adversities he had to face in national socialist Austria, managed to keep the ability of critical thinking and the will power that helped him to follow his own mind and feelings. This is the chamber music for the 21st century!

[Cornelia Offergeld, curator in Friedensmuseum Erlauf, Lower Austria]

The large stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

Ticketed event: 50 PLN | 40 PLN. Details, see HERE

Organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum

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