Singer Jazz Festival – concert: REUT RIVKA |IL| & IZABELLA EFFENBERG |PL/DE|

„Jazz meets Barok” | „Vibrafon meets Vocal”

Reut Rivka Shabi
Izabella Effenberg

Reut Rivka (vocal) and Izabella Effenberg (vibraphone) is a uniquely charming duo – soprano meets a delicate vibraphone and exceptional instrument array mibra in a subtle encounter. The artists are searching for a bridge between two musical directions in which improvisation plays an important role (baroque and jazz) as well as their own world of sounds, mutual inspiration, and communication between the voice and instrument. During the concert, they will present compositions featured on Izabella’s recent albums “Cuentame,” “Iza,” and “Crystal Silence” as well as arranged pieces from the classical repertoire of Reut Rivka.

Reut Rivka Shabi
 comes from Jerusalem where she is a baroque and opera soprano, very versatile singer who is often invited to participate in unusual projects, also on Polish stage. She has graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Hague and Jerusalem Music Academy. Recently, she started working with the Israeli National Opera House in Tel-Aviv, however, she continues to give concerts and record music around the world. The artist’s unique skill, vocal improvisation, is a remarkable technique of writing songs in real-time. Her beautiful voice, poetic talent and great intuition for various musical styles make her concerts a hypnotizing event transposing the genre of vocal improvisation to a completely new level. This time, her unique voice will be presented in a project with a vibraphone artist.

Izabella Effenberg is based in Bavarian Nuremberg. She is the first Polish female who decided to study jazz vibraphone and dedicate her career to this instrument. She is one of the very few women around the world who actively practice jazz vibraphone and unusual instruments, such as array mbira or glass harp. In 2018, she was awarded by the City of Nuremberg for her artistic achievements. Since 2014, she has been organizing vibraphone festival “Vibraphonissimo” in Nuremberg and her initiative gave rise to a society of the same name. She is the recipient of multiple awards, scholarships, and grants for music-connected activity. In 2017, her album “Iza” reached the third place in the 38th Annual Jazz Stations Awards / The Best Jazz of 2016 in Vibes/Marimba category.

The Small Stage, Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

Ticketed event: 40 PLN. For details, see HERE

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