Singer Jazz Festival – concert: GODS OF SICILIA | ERODOTO PROJECT |IT|

Line-up: Bob Salmieri (tenor and soprano saxophone, ney), Alessandro de Angelis (piano), Matteo Pieravanti (percussion), Maurizio Perrone (double bass)

Erodoto Project, founded in 2015 by Bob Salmieri, is an ensemble of Mediterranean Jazz with a simple andvery personal language. Contaminated and dreamlike jazz, with a Latin soul, with strong references to theatmospheres, colors and melodies of Italy and the Mediterranean Area. They tells stories gathered alongthe routes of the Mare Nostrum: from the Sicilian ports to the ports of North Africa, the plains of AsiaMinor, to the mythical Istanbul.

“Jazz is therefore the plot in which a warp made up of Myths of the Middle East and of Sicily intertwines”. In the twenty-year experience at the guide of Milagro Acustico, Bob Salmieri has collaborated with musicians coming mainly from North Africa, Turkey and India; these meetings have strongly influenced the way people compose and play.

The repertoire is mainly composed of original pieces and some reinterpretations of traditional Mediterranean songs such as Amara terra mia by Domenico Modugno and Ti nni vai by Rosa Balistreri. Erodoto Project is on his second record in less than three years from the date of its foundation: (Stories: Lands, Men & Gods 2016 – Molòn labè (come and get them!) 2018).

The references to the classical epic are a pretext to tell the contemporary odyssees, the new “Ulysses”, which are crisscrossing today, the ancient routes of the Mediterranean. Molòn labé, literally “come and get”, is a classic expression of challenge, pronounced by those who do not give up, not even in front of an inevitable defeat. According to Plutarch, it was pronounced by Leonidas I, to its ranks of 300 soldiers, in response to the request to hand over the weapons advanced by the Persian king Serse , in command of the largest army ever seen, during the battle of Thermopylae.

The large stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

Ticketed event: 50 PLN | 40 PLN. Details, see HERE

Event organized in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Warsaw

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