Book promotion: “Little night music. Starry violin of Wanda Wiłkomirska” | Remigiusz Grzela

Meeting with the author of the series “Jewish literary salon,” for parents with children of 8 and below.

Excerpts will be read by Dorota Landowska,  Michał Buczkowski will play the violin

Published by Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

Remigiusz Grzela – journalist, writer, and playwright. He is the author of several books, including those dedicated to Franz Kafka, Joanna Penson, Wiera Gran and Irena Gelblum (Irena Conti Di Mauro), interviews with Marian Kociniak and Barbara Krafftówna as well as collections of interviews, such as “Hotel Europa,” “Wolne,” “Presence.” He also wrote eight theatre plays.

Austrian Cultural Forum, 7/9 Próżna St.

Free admission


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